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  1. No comments Feb 25, 2006 Making a Pass at DiFi Posted in Programming


    While reading Sherry Turkle‘s “Life on Screen” I was fascinated by the chatterbot Julia she describes early in the book. I rose the challenge of coding a simple chatter bot myself in PureBasic, a language I am quite famliar with. For three days now I am working in a bricolage process on the code and its functions, (procedures in PureBasic), and it’s working – a little – but I am patient and add line by line to the code on a daily basis.

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  2. No comments Feb 18, 2006 3dsmax & Brazil r/s: Gold Shader Posted in CGI & Rendering, Tutorial

    Gold TextureI am working on another project for BigBoy Productions and I needed a realistic gold texture with proper reflections but which doesn’t take eons to render. Years ago I was very close to photorealistic gold but unfortunately I forgot a big deal about it. After playing around for days I finally came up with a good solution which I will present you in this tutorial.

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  3. No comments Feb 17, 2006 South Puch Posted in Random Thoughts

    South Park MeOh my god! It resembles me quite much. And I think I even got the same shirt! Check out the which is the coprorate version of the former South Park Studio v2, thanks to Dominik.

  4. No comments Feb 16, 2006 Daisy Duck Posted in Reports

    DaisyI have much patience with a lot of people but now I think I’m gonna whack this person. Her name is Daisy Duck. Well, not really but Lisa and I call her that way, because last winter she often wore an orange pantihose on her very thin chicken-legs. Her favorite café is the Promenade. And she is crazy.

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  5. No comments Feb 14, 2006 Strangest Call Posted in Funny?, Reports

    MichaelI was just sitting here with Lisa, some minutes after 3 am explaining her Rebirth, while I got an internal call from the campus, room 533. “Hello, this is Radio [insert silly name here]! You are about to play for 10.000 €! Just answer the following question: How many grammies has Michael Jackson won?”

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  6. No comments Feb 12, 2006 ♫ Lord of the Rats Posted in Music, Rants, Seph Carissa / texx sound

    OC RemixMy recent submission Lord of the Rats (listen below) for OverClocked Remix was rejected, I’ve worked on it for about five weeks. But I just sensed the rejection coming on the horizon but didn’t dare to look.

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  7. No comments Feb 10, 2006 Briefing Posted in Reports, Video

    Today’s briefing at Paul’s was shorter but took us longer. Before I sat to the others Paul and Oliver showed me proudly the first rough-cut of Wednesday’s shooting (no pun intended). It was only the footage from Oliver’s reel but looked better than I had thought. It looked like an alpha version of a strange Counterstrike: Source – addictive!

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  8. No comments Feb 08, 2006 Counterstrike: Cobra Posted in Reports, Video

    Cobra Task Force BadgeEverything started about one week ago when I got a call from my old-time school colleague Paul Meschuh who desperately needed an additional camera operator for his documentary he was working on for two years now. I hesitated, but after a few day of thinking about it I called Paul back.
    Enjoy the slide show there or click on “Picture List” to select large versions of the photos!

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  9. No comments Feb 07, 2006 Pure Nerd Posted in Random Thoughts

    Geeky Me! Why do I tend to take part in every silly online test I happen to stumble across? I don’t know – but these are my results for the Dork/Geek/Nerd-Test:

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  10. No comments Feb 07, 2006 Evo-MAL “Flat Share 2000″ Posted in CGI & Rendering, Satire

    Evo-MAL Flat-Share 2000Evo-MAL Immovables is proud to present you the new way of living for the average student without the funds to pay for a dwelling of their own. Your opportunity is now – welcome to your future: Live in the Flat Share 2000 (FS2k)!

    Do you want to learn more?

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