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  1. No comments Jun 22, 2007 Koeran Style, Pt. 1 Posted in Technology

    20070704_mp4watch.pngI’m just a nerd. My long anticipated gadget I purchased arrived today. Wanna guess what it is? Here are some clues:

    • It has a 2 GB built in flash memory.
    • It supports the languages English, Traditional Chinese and Korean.
    • It has an 128×128 OLED display
    • It comes with earplugs
    • It plays videos
    • It plays mp3s
    • It can perform voice recordings

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  2. No comments Jun 21, 2007 Campus at Night Posted in Photography, Reports, Tutorial

    20070621_lens_thumb.pngSome of you might have seen me two days ago roaming around the endless corridors of the campus: Black shirt, shorts, worn flip-flops and a large black camera on a tripod on my shoulder. But why would I take pictures of the boring campus in medium format? Well… why not?

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  3. No comments Jun 20, 2007 Back from the EVGA Posted in Computing, Reports, Vista Issues

    Enough BubblePak for the rest of your lifeToday was a day full of discoveries starting in the early morning. The UPS guy delivered me my GeForce 8800 GTX back. EVGA couldn’t do anything. Actually that’s not true, they didn’t have to do anything because it was working fine after a hundred hours of testing. But let me describe a little about my silence the last week first.

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  4. No comments Jun 19, 2007 Impressionist Photos Posted in Photography, Reports

    Impressionist PhotosLast week Lisa and I needed a break. The more pressure you get, the more the walls feel like closing in on you around here. Probably also a side effect of my totally crammed little dorm room here. So I grabbed my Sony Alpha 100 and we sat into the car and went north and up on some winding little roads into the depth of the Salzburgian hinterlands. And I like taking photographs during driving.
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  5. No comments Jun 18, 2007 The Guys from EVGA Posted in Computing, Reports, Technology

    20070618_mac_thumb.pngToday I got a nice call. And I don’t get many nice calls. Only when holding a presentation. And that’s how I received today’s call: During my presentation. A couple of minutes later, when it was over, I got another call from the same number: It was EVGA’s tech support.

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  6. No comments Jun 10, 2007 When VGA is called HD Posted in Rants, Technology

    Silliness -- Now as backlit displayRemember the good old days of DOS? Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Alone in the Dark… all the good stuff in the early 1990s or late 1980s. Did we have the slightest idea back then what “HD” could possibly stand for? Or if we ever going to need it? “VGA” was the glorious new term of the day on the packagings, followed by “SVGA” and then followed by “3D Accellerated!”.

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  7. No comments Jun 09, 2007 My GeForce 8800 GTX Posted in Computing, Games, Reports

    Video thumbnail!

    I wanted to post this article a few days sooner, but it was impossible for me coding a DivX Player WordPress PlugIn, as you might know. Now I’m using Flash Video you freaks out there like way better.

    Finally I got grip on the root of all evil; in my case display errors in any 3D application on my computer: It wasn’t the butler, it was the graphics card. The second one.

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  8. 1 comment Jun 08, 2007 Where’s Peterle? Posted in Random Thoughts, Reports

    Peterle, sleepingHas any of you seen Peterle, the red tomcat that used to roam the campus? We hope that he’s fine since he has never come back after Easter.

    Peterle, that’s how Lisa and I call the big red cat that visited us ever so often this year here at the campus in Puch. Actually we don’t know his name but I began calling him Peterle after the fist cat that had bird flu in Germany (According to Dittsche who should highly be mistrusted, though.)

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  9. No comments Jun 07, 2007 5 Star Images • March 2007 Posted in Photography, Random Thoughts

    20070607_bestofmarch07.pngI am quite happy with Lightroom. Yes, I really are. Because I am a lunatic when it comes to archiving — anything. But why am I writing this?

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  10. No comments Jun 06, 2007 Counterstrike Cobra: Reloaded Posted in Photography, Reports

    Counter Strike - ReloadedBecause I am spending some of my spare time revoking my “old” blog, I also took the liberty to upload large photos now — and much more of them.

    Hopefully you are interested in the little shoot I enjoyed in February 2006 as third unit camera operator (w00ts!) in a real-world Counterstrike match shot in an old power plant in Voitsberg. If you are interested in a hunk (50+) of photos and the report, just click: Counterstrike Cobra. Enjoy the slide show or click on “Picture List” to select large versions of the photos! And better get used to the slide show tool on my blog.

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