An acoustic song about friendship, love, loss and prospect from a very personal view. You might find the song pulls you down, but only to lift you up again, back on your tracks and nudges you forward.

You can listen and download the acoustic version of “Soulmate” here.

This song is dedicated to a very important person in my life, Lisa. Further, I was lucky to have won my dear friend Tina for the vocal part; these are the lyrics:


I’m walking, I’m strutting
full of life — complete.
I’m roaming, I’m knowing,
this sanctuary sweet.

I’m snoozing, I’m dreaming
dreams lucid and sound
smoke curls in the air,
cracks open the soil.

My soulmate, my soulmate my dear,
My soulmate, my soulmate is near.
Tingling and flowing and breaking apart…

The distance, the smile
I still see on your face,
The midnight, the daylight
are you — full of grace.

Your laughter, your lament
I keep inside my heart.
I miss you, I love you,

I cry a tear of woe.

United we were,
parts of a whole
and united we stand,
sharing our soul.

The storm in my face,
the quake ‘neath my feet…

My soulmate, my soulmate my dear,
My soulmate, my soulmate was hear.
Tingling and flowing and breaking apart,
my soulmate carved marks in my heart.

I’m walking, I’m tumbling
half dead inside, but still:
I’m roaming, I’m searching,
a jar to fill (and)

I’m walking, I’m waking,
so much out there to see.
My soulmate you were,
my soulmate you stay.

Your scent on my path…


And again
I walk this road,
suddenly a cat comes close
and says:
“My soulmate, my soulmate,

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