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  1. No comments Jan 30, 2010 Make Something Creative! Posted in Compositing, Computing, Dear Diary, Tutorial

    Wassup, y’all? I’m back! Back from the vault, back from grinding merrily away 20 to 30 hrs a day on my diploma thesis and back from LaTeX formatting hell. Through my veins still runs a little amount of blood among all that caffeine and so I’m announcing my new credo for 2010: Make Something Creative Every Day Week!

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  2. No comments Jan 23, 2010 Concerning Berlin — The Book Posted in Photography

    You have already read the blog post. You have already seen some photos. Since I spent quite some time waiting for test renderings to finish I picked up a project I had been working on quite a while now. A photo book.

    Update: There’s now a much more affordable eBook version available.

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  3. No comments Jan 03, 2010 ♫ Who Gave You This Number? Posted in Seph Carissa / texx sound

    CSI NY icon Hi dear readers of my blog! Another time I have something for your ears. I never thought that I would make some music while I was working the past weeks (and months!) like crazy on a big visual effects / compositing project, but … I tend to surprise even myself. So you’re about to listen to the first audio track I made in this still very young year of 2010.
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