Getting Started With Clickteam Fusion

Getting Started with Clickteam Fusion by Jürgen Brunner So my good friend Jürgen of ILIKESCIFI Games has written a book, a handy guide for the first steps with Clickteam’s Fusion. Here are my thoughts.

While browsing Jürgen’s book a wave of nostalgia hit me hard: I recalled how I spent countless hours in the nineties with the demo version Klick’n’Play, the great-great-grandparent of Fusion, and modified existing games that came on the first magazines with CD-ROMs. Some things seem to have never changed at all while other stuff is completely new. It’s a nice coming back to Fusion. I already reviewed the book on and I don’t have much to add to it here:

The book is very well structured, enjoyably written and provides newcomers with itching fingers a very straight-forward way into game design with Fusion. The concepts are presented from a very hands-on perspective: You don’t have to know how to code in order to create your game.

With every chapter and paragraph the author’s passion for the subject shines through and also more complex issues never are boring or dry. Thanks to the structure of the book it serves both as a course-book you can follow through chapter by chapter and/or as handy reference to come back to later.

Another thing I found to be very helpful was the inclusion of link to free or open software to edit your game’s assets, such as Audacity or even to open game art which makes toying with Fusion much more fun since you’re not constrained by creating your assets first.

I highly recommend this book not only to beginners of Clickteam’s Fusion but also to experienced users as I kept always finding something new.

If that poked your interest, why not peek at the book at the publisher’s website, free samples included!

And once again, congratulations for getting published, Jot!

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