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  1. 8 comments Nov 01, 2011 Street Fighter 2 & Not So Much Free Time Posted in Games, Reports, Seph Carissa / texx sound

    So I did it again, but this time with a different game: After ripping the music-instrument samples from F-Zero and creating a soundfont out of it, I attempted just the same with Street Fighter 2 for the Super Nintendo. If you’re looking for some technical insights in Capcom’s SNES music, wanna listen to some music or just the frickin’ download for the soundfont, you’ve come to the right place!

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  2. 2 comments Nov 27, 2010 ♫ My Friend, the Game Designer Posted in Games, People, Reports, Seph Carissa / texx sound

    A good friend of mine is a game designer who designs actual games, and recently he asked me for one little favor which made me feel honored at first but also a little clueless on second thought, stressed in the process and eventually set me under creative pressure. But in the end everything turned out well…

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  3. 2 comments Aug 10, 2010 BleepCast – Level 5 Posted in BleepCast, Films, Games, Retro, Seph Carissa / texx sound

    The BleepCast inspects covers, remixes and de-makes of our favorite tunes in the last 30 years in this level and asks how everything started, how it evolved and where it all went. This is a broad topic and so there’s no screwing around: This BleepCast hits you massively with 50 minutes of pure nerdsound, spoken and played alike. And the best of all: You’ll love it! I’m happy, Bob!

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  4. 2 comments Mar 21, 2010 ♫» Space Love Posted in Seph Carissa / texx sound, Stories

    Time for some music. I recently finished Mass Effect and was intrigued by the rather well drawn characters in the narrative as well as by the music which had such a familiar appeal to it, thanks to the 80′s synths in an orchestral setting. Again, I wanted to add my personal two cents to the dark voyage through the galaxy — plus some bonus material. And you can find both right here!

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  5. 2 comments Feb 04, 2010 ♫ Papertrail Posted in Seph Carissa / texx sound

    Yep, once again another little electronic piece in minor key. I don’t know what struck me today, I guess an overall mood of gloom, melancholy, boredom and nose bleed were the ingredients to the situation that had led to this point.

    I guess it was one of those days where the simple act of waking up exhausted me so much that everything I did felt so mind numbing and tedious like following a paper trail.

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  6. No comments Feb 01, 2010 ♫ Vaccine Posted in Seph Carissa / texx sound

    It’s been only two days since my resolution to post something creative at least once a week and here I am now, already posting some new music. Looks like I am currently floating on a wave of dark electronic, but still I’m strumming with my guitars every day now for at least half an hour, so let’s see when there’s a new guitar piece out there as well…

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  7. No comments Jan 03, 2010 ♫ Who Gave You This Number? Posted in Seph Carissa / texx sound

    CSI NY icon Hi dear readers of my blog! Another time I have something for your ears. I never thought that I would make some music while I was working the past weeks (and months!) like crazy on a big visual effects / compositing project, but … I tend to surprise even myself. So you’re about to listen to the first audio track I made in this still very young year of 2010.
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  8. No comments Dec 20, 2009 Soulmate Posted in Seph Carissa / texx sound

    An acoustic song about friendship, love, loss and prospect from a very personal view. You might find the song pulls you down, but only to lift you up again, back on your tracks and nudges you forward.

    You can listen and download the acoustic version of “Soulmate” here.

    This song is dedicated to a very important person in my life, Lisa. Further, I was lucky to have won my dear friend Tina for the vocal part; these are the lyrics:


    I’m walking, I’m strutting
    full of life — complete.
    I’m roaming, I’m knowing,
    this sanctuary sweet.

    I’m snoozing, I’m dreaming
    dreams lucid and sound
    smoke curls in the air,
    cracks open the soil.

    My soulmate, my soulmate my dear,
    My soulmate, my soulmate is near.
    Tingling and flowing and breaking apart…

    The distance, the smile
    I still see on your face,
    The midnight, the daylight
    are you — full of grace.

    Your laughter, your lament
    I keep inside my heart.
    I miss you, I love you,

    I cry a tear of woe.

    United we were,
    parts of a whole
    and united we stand,
    sharing our soul.

    The storm in my face,
    the quake ‘neath my feet…

    My soulmate, my soulmate my dear,
    My soulmate, my soulmate was hear.
    Tingling and flowing and breaking apart,
    my soulmate carved marks in my heart.

    I’m walking, I’m tumbling
    half dead inside, but still:
    I’m roaming, I’m searching,
    a jar to fill (and)

    I’m walking, I’m waking,
    so much out there to see.
    My soulmate you were,
    my soulmate you stay.

    Your scent on my path…


    And again
    I walk this road,
    suddenly a cat comes close
    and says:
    “My soulmate, my soulmate,

  9. 1 comment Jul 04, 2009 ♫ CSI: Cool-Sounding Investigations Posted in Seph Carissa / texx sound

    CSI NY icon

    I watched another couple of CSI: New York episodes to research the cinematography and color grading (both much more subtle compared to the overly-saturated CSI: Miami), but the more episodes I watched the more aware I became of Bill Brown‘s music. It didn’t sound terribly hard to compose still it captured the mood quite well and was terrifically mixed. “Can’t be too hard to do that myself” I pondered two hours ago and gave it a try by scoring an imaginary scene in Bill’s style.

    I am quite happy with it, just had to give it an urban beat and more synthesizers instead of an orchestral percussion in the end. Hope you like it too.

    EDIT: Didn’t like it how it suddenly ended so I composed a more proper and a little soothing ending. Refresh your cache and take a listen.

    texx sound – City Scape Intermission. 2009.

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  10. 3 comments Apr 22, 2009 Status Update: Still Alive Posted in Compositing, Dear Diary, Reports, Seph Carissa / texx sound

    It’s been quite a while since my last blog entry. In fact it has been so long, that I had to think twice to recall my password for this sweet blog o’ mine.

    You ask “What’s new? What’s cool?” and I tell you: A lot: I’ve been in the trenches with Nuke and fought After Effects so there’s a lot of stuff I want to show and tell what I’ve learned in the past weeks, not only about VFX.

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