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  • What (Software-) Scopes Won’t Tell You

    What (Software-) Scopes Won’t Tell You

    Software waveform displays and vectorscopes in the software of your choice might not always show you what you need to know. Especially when you need to adhere to broadcast standards, this can be an issue. This little post outlines the problem, provides some examples and on a quick fix.

  • Fake Glows & Halation

    Fake Glows & Halation

    In today’s Daily Color Grading Tip I mentioned to use masks/PowerWindows™ with lifted & tinted blacks to fake some optical artifacts in your grading: Today’s #ColorGrading tip: Halation & glows are easily simulated by a soft mask which has its black lifted and tinted. — LUTwig van Gradehoven (Phil Strahl 🅲🆂🅸) (@PhilStrahl) March 1, 2017…

  • Manually changing Resolve’s Media Pool file paths?

    Manually changing Resolve’s Media Pool file paths?

    Recently I migrated a very big project from Resolve on Mac to my PC setup and needless to say the paths didn’t match up again. Because they were scattered among many subfolders, manually changing the source folder in the Media Pool wasn’t an option, even for “just” 76 source clips: